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VSE 8.8 patch 7 with ePO 4.6.9


Just curious to know if anybody has tried to install the VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 patch 7 product and reporting extension into an ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.9 installation? I appreciate that ePO 4.6 has reached end of life so it wont have been officially tested by Intel (McAfee) but I am assuming it will still work. Unfortunately I don't have a test environment to try myself. Appreciate any feedback on your experiences.



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Re: VSE 8.8 patch 7 with ePO 4.6.9

Just install the extensions into ePO 4.6.9.

It worked for me.



Re: VSE 8.8 patch 7 with ePO 4.6.9

Yes I've had it work in that environment of late.

Don't suppose your going from patch 1 to patch 7 as I'm trying to work out if that jump requires a reboot for Windows servers



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Re: VSE 8.8 patch 7 with ePO 4.6.9

@ Falaendor: Per Patch 7 release notes...

We recommend that you reboot the client system after installing this release of the product.

This is especially true if you have recently upgraded the McAfee Agent to one that uses the Syscore drivers, such as,, etc, as VSE and MA both use those them. It won't FORCE a reboot, but is highly recommended.

Re: VSE 8.8 patch 7 with ePO 4.6.9

Thanks all for the feedback. I'll push ahead with installing the new extensions (fingers crossed).