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VSE 8.8 and MS Visual c++ 2005


I trying remove this already EOL part of system (MS vc++ 2005 SP1 and older) away from the computer but I have a problem with some software and the McAfee seems to be one of them.

Is any possibility to replace the MS Visual c++ 2005 by, for example, MS Visual c++ 2008 (assume SP1) or newer?

Thanks for any info

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Re: VSE 8.8 and MS Visual c++ 2005


We've done something similar last month by removing Visual C++2005 from all our Windows 7 workstations.  Our workstations currently have Agent 5.2, VSE 8.8P6, SiteAdviser3.5P4 and DLP 9.4P2 installed. What we've experienced is that after the removal, the Text Extractor from DLP was crashing (fcagte.exe would constantly get shutdown and re-spawned) on majority of our workstations since the dependency of msvcrt.dll can no longer be found in their Windows SidebySide (WinSXS)folder.  At the end we had to re-deploy DLP on all our workstations in order to re-establish its dependency with Visual C++ 2010 and the issue seemed to be resolved afterwards. 

Did you experience something similar after removing Visual C++?  From your question above, looks like you only got VSE 8.8 installed in your environment.


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