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VSE 8.8 Scan Exclusions

VSE 8.8 controlled by ePO 5.3. We have 2 systems that we need to configure for scan exclusions. I followed

as a guide but not sure if i did it correctly.I made a new policy from Mcafee Default policy. Went into system tree and selected the 2 pc's and then actions->agent->set policy and inheritance. So now the assigned policies tab look like this:


For the pattern in policy exclusion, i used c:\dir to exclude

Is this the correct way to do what we need to do?

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Re: VSE 8.8 Scan Exclusions

I'm confused.  What is the name of the policy you created, My Default or a different one?  Regardless, you need to ensure that the new policy is applied to the two nodes in question.  Since it is only 2 you could do it individually.  I'm concerned that the screesnshot you attached is showing us the 2 exceptions to the My Default policy assignment.  Essentially showing the opposite of what you intended.

As for the exclusions themselves, ensure that you follow this KB.

Exclusions for folders and files need to be entered with proper formatting.  In the example you gave c:\dir, VSE will actually treat that as a file and not a dir or folder.  Folders need to have the trailing slash.  e.g., c:\dir\

Hope this helps get you moving forward again.



Re: VSE 8.8 Scan Exclusions

It did! So i changed my default to the new policy i created. I then changed the pattern from c:\dir to c:\dir\*.*

Is there anyway to tell if this is working from the client side or ePO side?

Re: VSE 8.8 Scan Exclusions

Hello Carnold,

you can check the exclusions in the VSE console On Access Scanner properties --> default process --> exclusions.



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