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VSE 8.8 P6 and Access protection blocking issue

hello all

There is a doubt that vse p6 has memory leak  in case  there are many blocked events from  access protection, Mcafee should confirm this though. Vse p6, hips p6 , and agent 5.02 have MFeB tag which may cause the issue, therefore even if you have vse p4 and agent 5.02 is running you may have the issue with  access protection blocking.  The bottom line if your systems running MFeB(P6 or 5.02) make sure that there is no AP blocking , if there is : I think you should  exclude the threat event on the AP rules . By the way I am talking about windows 8.1 and 2012 server  I do not know about windows 10. If this is true I hope they fix it in p7

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