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VSE 8.8 OnDemand scan - slow switching windows

I've setup VSE 8.8 as per the "best practices".

Unfortunately, compared to VSE 8.5, I'm still getting a lot more complaints about our weekly OnDemand scan task with 8.8

I've set everything as low as I can go (low is the "lowest" priority), I'm not scanning archives, etc.

This is a Dell Optiplex GX-620 dual core CPU with 2 GB of RAM and whatever size HD (80 GB or larger, depends on when we bought them)

During the OnDemand scan, if you switch windows (ie, right now I've got my email client open, my Firefox open, Windows Explorer, and a few other things like Putty open). When I go to the taskbar (Windows XP SP3 Pro, BTW), and say, switch from firefox to email client it takes SEVERAL seconds to bring that to the "forefront".  If I switch multiple windows it can take 15 seconds or more and then it'll finally bring the FIRST one clicked on to the forefront.

Now, once you're actually in said program, it seems to be fine.

Don't even get me started on java-based web programs at this point. 1-2 minutes, even longer for the thing to load when VSE is going.

Is this normal?  Is there any way to get better performance on this?  Short of back-revving to 8.5 (which I don't think will be supported much longer) or disabling the ondemand scan all together (which isn't good, IMO).