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VSE 8.7 install does not remove CA Etrust 8.1

We are evaluating VSE 8.7 at the moment and 1 of the problems we are having is that it does not remove CA Etrust 8.1 automatically.

The problems is that in the UnInst.ini file the place where it can find Etrust in the registry is wrong.

It looks for Etrust in this place:


But this entry is not present at our computers.

The entry for CA Etrust is here:


I've already tried to edit the file by hand but then Epo gives an error message, probably because it checks the integrety of the file and it thinks that somethin happened to it because I modified it.

If someone could help, I would be very gratefull.

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Re: VSE 8.7 install does not remove CA Etrust 8.1

After you modify the uninstall.ini you have to build a custom package with Installation Designer to include the new uninstall.ini and then check that into EPO for deployment.


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