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VSE 8.7 disable and get ok after a security update.

Hi we have encounter a couple of case where VSE 8.7p4  on laptop with HIPS 7 is disable for no apparent reason and after user does au security update, it gets ok.

We have that case once in a while. Is it something that is know ?  i did try to search knowledge base, but got no clear result.

Os is windows XP sp3.

The problem is of course that av is disable but also that user cannot connect to vpn since AV is disable.

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Re: VSE 8.7 disable and get ok after a security update.

Whenever VSE is disabled, check the Event Logs for "McLogEvent" entries that have an ID higher than 5000.

5000 = Scanner is starting.

5001 or higher = a problem.

Once the problem is identified you can evaluate what action to take.

The most common cause, a fatal scan timeout has occrred (5019/5051) on a specific file - which could be a product issue to investigate, or something to exclude from scanning, or ignore if you think it's a one-off occurrence.

Hotfix 638179 is something highly recommended for your VSE version.

William W. Warren | S.I.R.R. | Customer Success Group | McAfee