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VSE 8.5i install fails, and then breaks IE

We've seen this on a bunch of machines and I CAN reproduce it.

Install of VirusScan 8.5i with Anti-Spyware module.

If the install fails (for any reason, it doesn't matter), until you get VirusScan 8.5i actually installed and working, you cannot surf the internet via IE (or any web site for that matter).

So it would seem that VSE 8.5i integrates with IE in such a manner that if the install fails, it breaks IE?

Why is this?
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RE: VSE 8.5i install fails, and then breaks IE

I've seen this too. Help--About displays some strange stuff in IE, java script issues, can ping servers but can't get to web pages, etc. Saw my second case of this today and the PC was not running VS, just the EPO agent. My upgrade task must have removed 8.0 and the upgrade to 8.5 had failed taking IE along with it. Anyone else?