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VSE 8.5.0i P4 - PC Slow After Update

Hi All,

We are currently running around 35-40 machines with VSE 8.5.0i P4, most of which update from our Mirror Server but there are a few that update via http.

We have found over the past couple of months that some machines become almost unusable after an update for up to half an hour sometimes - everything seems to be working as it should do and all of the machines are in good shape.

Does anyone know why this would be happening at all?

I know the SDAT files have come rather inflated recently in terms of file size, could there be a possibilty that Mcafee have increased the file size of the daily update files thus increasing the performance overhead on the machine?

All help and suggestions greatly appreciated!


Chris happy
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RE: VSE 8.5.0i P4 - PC Slow After Update

It's well known that some old machines are having a lot of problems checkig in new DAT's because of their size grown from 60Mb to about 115Mb and that's what may be happening with yours but there's nothing to do with it Smiley Frustrated
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RE: VSE 8.5.0i P4 - PC Slow After Update

i've got the same problems here...
i don't think mcafee can fix it in the next 3-4 months. we're evaluating avira and kaspersky now.
i like mcafee, but right now, it's hardly useable on single-core machines.