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Use a different grant number

We have installed VirusScan Enterprise v8.8 with grant number XXXXXX.  What should we do if there is a change in the grant number for that affected PC?  Is it necessary to uninstall virusscan and download a new version under the correct grant number and reinstall?

I hope somebody can advise.


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Re: Use a different grant number

No need.

As long as your grant number covers the product and the correct number of installs then your licensed.

We've had 3 or 4 different grant numbers over the years as we've renewed our maintenance agreement and we've never had to re-install.

Re: Use a different grant number

how will the new grant number be recognized by the PC?

the initial grant number we purchased is good for 6 PC.

for the second grant number, it is meant for 200 PC.

we included the virusscan in the image and we want to install the image to 200 PCs. How can we proceed if the grant number covers only 6 PCs? This is the reason why we wanted to update the grant number so we can cover all 200PCs.

just to clarify...the first grant number is like our pre-production/test VSE account to be used during testing stage.

Now we have moved to production state and we want to use the second grant number.

The problem is that the captured VSE on the image is the one meant for only 6 PCs.

i hope i explained it clearly.


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Re: Use a different grant number

As long as the VSE was installed onto the image using the 'perpetual license' option then your ok.

In all our the 10 years we've been using VSE and other products we've never had to license the VSE install only ePO.

Actaully there isn't any where in the corporate VSE installer to enter a license number of any type. The grant number isn't the license, the grant number is the ID number on your license/maintenance agreement with McAfee.

If you log into the support portal with your grant number then you'll gain access to the download area, where you can download all the products your entitled to and your ePO license.

Re: Use a different grant number

Thanks for the explanation, Tristan.

im a newbie when it comes to VSE.

i sent you a PM and i hope that i have explained it more clearly.