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Updating VSE to patch 6


I would like some info on how to update VSE to the latest patch ( patch 6)

Currently our machines are on patch 5. I have downloaded the latest version to our evalutaion branch on EPO using the software manager. I want to be able to update a few UAT machines before I update the rest of the machines on EPO.

Is there a way this can be done?

My EPO version is 5.1.1 build 357 and the UAT machines have agent version


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Re: Updating VSE to patch 6

I am currently testing Patch 6 also.

This is what I do to test from the Evaluation branch.

1. Create a new agent general policy by duplicating one you already have.

2. Name this policy  - Update Virus Scan patch from Evaluation Branch.

3. Modify this policy and go to the updates tab under the policy.

4. Change the branch for the patch to say "Evaluation".

5. Save this policy.

6. Assign this policy to system you want to test the patch on.

7. You also need to make sure that any of your Update client task has the check box under Patches & Service packs for Virus Scan 8.8i checked.

8. Send a wake-up call to the system and it should install.

This is what I do and it works every time.

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Re: Updating VSE to patch 6

Create a new tag "Patch 6 test" and apply the policy to that tag and it's easy to test across a range of PCs.

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Re: Updating VSE to patch 6


I totally forgot about the method of using tag to test patch 6. I have just created a tag called Patch6Test and created a new policy assignment rule to use my policy that pulls patch 6 from eval branch. Works like a charm.