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Uninstalling Panda Security for desktop


I am deploying VS8.8 via ePO 5.3, previously we have Panda Security for Desktop 6.5. VS installation proccess doesn't uninstall Panda. Any idea ir order ti uninstall it? I have about 600 pcs in several places and local uninstallation is very dificult.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Uninstalling Panda Security for desktop

Moved to VSE for faster response




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Re: Uninstalling Panda Security for desktop

You have a couple different options you can work with.

1. If Panda has a removal script or msiexec command, you can use SCCM or similar tools if available to push that script to perform the removal.

2. The McAfee EEDK available here on the McAfee Community site helps you build ePO deployable packages. You could deploy the McAfee Agent to your endpoints, then create an EEDK package with Panda's uninstall tool/commands and deploy that through ePO to remove Panda.

Also, if you do determine that Panda has an uninstall command, please submit that as a PER to Intel Security for consideration in a future VSE release.

Re: Uninstalling Panda Security for desktop

Finally, I've uninstalled PAnda antivirus usin Central Console of Panda.

Thank you for your help.