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UdaterUI.exe Windows profil issue for many desktop users. Unable to logon after VSE 8.8 patch 4 to patch 5


I have a big issue after upgrading VSE 8.8 patch 4 to VSE 8.8 patch 5. On some workstation, the users are no longer able to logon to their Windows 7 profile.

We have push the SP5 on VSE 8.8 on our 1500 desktop. We have a lot of workstation expecting the issue below. We have to run the MS solution in the registry to fix the issue. But it seems to come back again. Please, help us.


Windows was unable to load the registry. This problem is often caused by insufficient memory or insufficient security rights.

DETAIL - Le processus ne peut pas accéder au fichier car ce fichier est utilisé par un autre processus.

for C:\Users\mails\ntuser.dat


Windows cannot log you on because your profile cannot be loaded. Check that you are connected to the network, and that your network is functioning correctly.

DETAIL - Accès refusé.

Bloqué par une règle de protection de l'accès. L'accès à l'objet C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MCAFEE\COMMON FRAMEWORK\UDATERUI.EXE a été bloqué par la règle Protection standard commune:Empêcher l'arrêt des processus McAfee.

Here is the MS solution we have found but we need to have a McAfee fix for that. The best thing will be to have your fix to pusgh on our EPO console. We don't want to fix manually the workstations one by one. It's unacceptable. Thank you,