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Touch Pad Lock-up

I'm working with a Lenovo T430 with Window 8.1 Pro, i5 processor and 4GB RAM.

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise version 8.8.0

On a minimum of 6 identical systems running nothing more than Firefox web browser, the touch pad locks up for 10 - 20 seconds, releases for a minute or two, then locks up again repeatedly.  When I go into Task Manager, it shows McAfee taking the Disk performance to 100%.  CPU, RAM and network performance all appear to be in normal ranges.

So far, the only fix we have found is to leave the laptop running all night long, allowing the scan to run overnight.  Then the laptop appears to work fine the next day.

There has to be a better solution than that, right?

Thank you,


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Re: Touch Pad Lock-up

Do you know if this is because of on-demand scanning, or an on-access scanning?

If it is an on-demand scan taken all night to run, I would open the assigned client task for the on-demand scan, and start taking a look at what you are scanning for. ie scanning inside archive files, what types of files to scan.. and lastly do you have an exclusions set? How often are you running a full scan?

For on-access scanning, take a look at your On-Access Default Processes Policies and then same as above, ie are you scanning archive files, all files, and are exclusions set?

With any virus scanning product, there is going to be performance degradation, but should not be to the point where Firefox is freezing for 10-20 seconds.. the policies probably just need to be tuned a bit.

I would also look in the C:\ProgramData\McAfee\DesktopProtection directory and look at the logs for specific times of when Firefox was freezing to get a further understanding of whats going on.

Re: Touch Pad Lock-up

I'm going to take an educated guess at On-Access scanning.  I'll have to look at the policies.

One thing to mention, the entire laptop does not seem to be locking up.  Just the touch pad.  The Lenovo track point red button works and the buttons work.  Just the touch pad that seems to freeze.  Odd.

Thank you for your response!

Re: Touch Pad Lock-up

Ok, I'm a little surprised but...

all three on-access scan policies are un-checked.

1. Scan contents of archives and compressed files

2. Scan Apple Mail Messages

3. Scan files on the Network Volumes

Maximum scan time (seconds) = 45

On-demand scan settings DO scan archives and compressed files and DO scan apple mail messages.  But I take that to be user initiated scans and they're not doing that.

Thank you,

Re: Touch Pad Lock-up

I would definitely start taking a look at the logs now that you checked out the policies. Maybe see if you can re-create it and see if there is some specific file that OAS is scanning and locking up that relates to the touch pad that would need an exception.

If you somehow know how to re-create the freeze on the touch pad, you could disable OAS or AP and start singling out what it is that is causing it. Otherwise, I would give a call into McAfee and provide them your logs, and they should be able to get it sorted out.

Logs are in C:\ProgramData\McAfee\DesktopProtection