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Level 9

Test Exclusion

I was using this KB to create exclusions for VSE,  is there some way to test them to know if some character is bad placed or if something wrong?

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Level 17

Re: Test Exclusion

Moved from Community Support to Business-->Endpoint Security-->VirusScan Enterprise for attention

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Level 9

Re: Test Exclusion

Hi j4bz,

Navigate to one of the folders you have excluded and create an EICAR anti-virus test file called using notepad as outlined here:

Intended use ° EICAR - European Expert Group for IT-Security

The On-Access Scanner should not pick up the file when you execute it if your exclusions are working correctly.

In order to verify that your EICAR file is working correctly move it to a directory that is not excluded (i.e. your desktop) and execute it.

You should see an VirusScan Enterprise alert for the malware detection.

Note it is better practice to use High & Low Risk processes policies rather than file and folder exclusions:

McAfee KnowledgeBase - Understanding High-Risk, Low-Risk, and Default processes configuration and us...

Kind regards,


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