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Slow Performance with IE 8 and VSE 8.8

I´m investigating at the moment a performance problem with Win7, 32-bit and IE8 on our clients.

The affected systems are normal PC with a i3/i5 CPU and 2 to 4 GB RAM.

It takes 3 to 5 seconds to open a intranet site. (Also exernal sites, but this is not my focus)

Script scanning is disabled for our intranet sites (I verfied it, DebugLog, switcht script scan for intranetsites on and off and checked the log)

You can see the CPU usage to load a website at picture no. 1

When I turn off McAfee, the performance is good.

To load a website takes now around 1 second. (Picture no.2)

To upgrate the IE 8 is no option at the moment :-(

We are using the following McAfee versions:

McAfee McAfee Agent

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.8.0 (

Any ideas to solve this problem or is this normal?

Thanks in advance!


Picture no. 1


Picture no. 2

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Re: Slow Performance with IE 8 and VSE 8.8

Hi Laphi,

Please follow this KB to investigate this issue bit more and put right exclusions in VSE to get rid of performance issue, Further you can also try

to put exclusion of 'DAT" extension in On Access Scanning policy.Also excluded mcscript_inuse.exe in the same policy. We have to monitor and see if this help out.