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Slow On-Demand Scan Times after installing Patch 7

I have a test EPO setup that consists of 2 x Windows 2000 systems, 2 x XP Pro systems, 1 x Windows 2003 system and 1 x Vista Business system.

One all of these systems, I installed McAfee VirusScan 8.5i with Patch 4. On each system, we performed an On-Demand Scan, taking all the defaults. I recorded the times to complete the scans for each of these systems.

After doing that, we installed Patch 7 and then rebooted each system. After about 10 minutes, we performed the same scans and again recorded the scan times.

We noticed that on ALL the systems the scan times increased. As an example, the XP systems used to take 13 minutes to scan and now take 18 or 19 minutes with Patch 7. The Vista and 2003 server showed the most dramatic increases from 35 or 37 minutes to 58 minutes.

Has anyone else seen their Scan times takes longer with Patch 7?