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Send Button has Disappeared in Outlook 2010

Send button is missing in Outlook 2010 after deploying McAfee modules.  When administrator user logs in, the Send button reappears.

No other change has been made to environment other than deploying:

McAfee Agents

Policy Auditor

Host Intrusion Prevention

VirusScan Enterprise

Data Loss Prevention

Rogue System Detection

GPs and Exchange config have been checked and double-checked extensively.

2 Replies

Re: Send Button has Disappeared in Outlook 2010

Hmm it sounds weird that McAfee is involved.. but you can disabled the McAfee Add-ins in Outlook and if still the same issue to make sure is not McAfee go to the product guide under troubleshouting section and disabled all the McAfee components antil the last one that it will be completely remove VSE.

Best regards,

Jose Maria

Re: Send Button has Disappeared in Outlook 2010

Hi Jose,

This issue is happening on outlook 2013 too.

But after HF installed it is solved already.

BTW I am wondering to know how to hide this Plugin too, because clients can disable the plugin easily which is against the securities.

Looking forward to find some clue on it.