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Scheduled tasks are no longer executed

Do everyone has experiences with update problems with systems less than 200 MB free memory ?

There is an Issue with Virusscan 8.8 and MA 4.x with systems which have less than 200 MB free RAM . The systems follow the minimum requirements of the products (VSE8.8/MA4.8)

but the affected systems do have update problems / on demand scan problems because of less free memory . We saw it on servers which are not having the required Updates and often they have problems

to execute the on demand scan too.  In my eyes it is a security issue - because virus programmers could catch all available memory after a successful infection ->  the virus would be secure.

The System is not able to do updates or do have problems to execute on demand scans.

All other software on the affected systems runs without problems - except the Virusscan !  Normally if the memory is low - other programs do use the swap file.

It would be a little bit slow - but it works. A virusscan would have 24 times the chance to reach the update if we use hourly schedule. This should be enough.

If someone puts infected software on the server we have a big issue and if you have excluded the scan from network for all clients (recommendation from McAfee) it would be bad.

Because of this issue the clients will get infected files from this server - > big virus outbreak. This is not acceptable –> it do not pass with the McAfee philosophy to update immediately !

VSE + MA are not a  gaming software – it is a security software. It should run in every case properly !!!

best regards