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Scheduled On Demand scan alerts

I'm using VSE 8.8 and ePO 4.6.8. When a system has a detection from On Access scans it will prompt the user with our default message saying to contact the HelpDesk etc. etc. When a Scheduled On Demand Scan runs and detects malware the user is not prompted. I've looked all through the Scan task and in the VSE policies for something that would allow for notifications in these events and I don't see anything that jumps out at me. Is this something that is configurable?


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Re: Scheduled On Demand scan alerts

Hi jimmac24 

I know in ePO 5 you can configure an Automatic Response to trigger when the scan event is sent back to the server, but you might need to edit the Events Filter. I'm cannot remember if this feature is available in 4.6 though. 



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Re: Scheduled On Demand scan alerts

I actually do have Automatic Responses setup for those events which go to myself and the HelpDesk.

What I was trying to figure out was how we could have VSE notify the user of a detection through the same type of on screen notification they get if an On Access detection happens. (If it is even possible).