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Run task VSE 8.8.0 failed

Run task VSE 8.8  ERROR- Msg VIRUSCAN8800 installation  failed

I have Windows XP SP3 in computer.

EPO 4.6

Agent 4.6.0

Windows defender and Firewall OFF

What Should do?

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Re: Run task VSE 8.8.0 failed

Hi Lourdes

You have posted in the Home and Office Products Community and you should have posted in the Business Community under Virus Scan .

I would gladly move your thread but I currently have an issue with the permissions I have been granted so someone should chime in and do this for you.

The support team over in that community should be able to provide some help with your issue.

Best Regards

Re: Run task VSE 8.8.0 failed


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Re: Run task VSE 8.8.0 failed

I was about to move it to Business / VirusScan Enterprise but someone has already moved it there.

Re: Run task VSE 8.8.0 failed

Hi Lourdes,

Please, make sure that you are installing the latest version of VSE (VSE88P4). Can you clarify if you are doing a new installation (you must use the package VSE88MLRP4) or just an upgrade (in this case you must use VSE88P4).

Please make sure that the issue is not the one related in

Can you please upload the installation files that it should be created under %TMP%McAfeeLogs ?

Best regards,