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Restore Files from Quarantine ePO/VSE 8.5i


I saw in ePO it is possible to set up a client task to "Restore Files from Quarantine". I also saw a thread that mentions this but it didn't get an answer (T:224905 "EPO Task Restore from Quarantine").

Has anyone ever used a similar client task ?
How does it work ?
I'm actually trying to find a way to get a client PC to forward/send some piece of malware to the server or to our team for study.

Thanks for any information Smiley Happy

(Version information is below)
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RE: Restore Files from Quarantine ePO/VSE 8.5i

This kind of task only restores the file in quarantine to the affected computer itself, it won't send it anywhere so I don't think it will be helpful for what you need because it also restores regkeys that have been quarantined with the file.

This tasks is intended to be used when virusscan makes a false positive of a file (such as VNC some months ago) and you want to restore the same file in a large group of computers at a time