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Report for local user logons

Hi All,

Need to generate a report on local accounts logon.  Where Host = Domain.

This is to prevent sneaky admins logging onto domain members with locally created accounts.

Not sure if a watch list or correlation rule should be created.


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Re: Report for local user logons

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Re: Report for local user logons

Hi Zakhter,

Well, not sure why/what you are trying to stop, here is a cmd line solution run from the local machine:

    net localgroup "Administrators"

This should list all local (domain=Host)  IDs with Administrator rights. Note: many System/Service level IDs will be listed starting with

    "NT Authority\..."

Also, some 'groups' may be reported, which are considered Members of the "Administrators" group. To see these members, repeat the command for each group


    net localgroup "{whatever group name reported}"

Hopefully this is helpful.

Ron Metzger

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