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Removing older VSE versions with newer version - Using a Product Deployment Removal Client task

I know this is probably a rather easy questions, but my searches didn't reveal an answer (and I would lab it had I the cycles).

Is it possible to use a newer VSE install to remove an older version of VSE via the Product Deployment - removal Client Task?

So, say I have systems with VSE or and I checked in VSE into the Master Repository...  Can I use 1906 to remove those legacy VSE installs?   Is that a feature that is available, then if there is a reason why it cannot work, I would love to hear it...  Want to make sure I am providing the best guidance in a case such as this.   Upgrading would make the most sense, but let us pretend that it MUST be removal then upgrade.  


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McAfee Employee dmcgeary
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Re: Removing older VSE versions with newer version - Using a Product Deployment Removal Client task


 The default rule is that you can "upgrade" without un-installing the older version first.
For VSE there are Repost packages which are used for the initial install as well as "Patches" which can be used to upgrade an existing install. 
A repost package will not upgrade and existing install. 
The Release notes for each patch will detail which versions it will upgrade. 
patch 10 Release notes look for "VirusScan Enterprise releases Patch 10 release works with the following VirusScan Enterprise releases." 
In Short you can use the "Patch 10" installer to upgrade 8.8 P4 through patch 9 without un-installing

The versions provided will upgrade: - Patch 6 - Patch 8



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Re: Removing older VSE versions with newer version - Using a Product Deployment Removal Client task

Good answer, only not for the specific question asked.  What I posed could be considered academic, but from a field perspective it would be helpful to know what will happen if...


There are instances where I may ask a site to remove all their SysCore point products from a system; because they can not upgrade to the latest VSE version.  The site realizes at that point they have not done a good job of keeping the environment at a homogenous level, site checked-in, but they have deployed/lingering systems with versions 1599, 1546, 1528, 1445 and even a number of 1385.

The site has relative command and control of the environment, they push a policy or client task and the system responds correctly, except they just cannot update to the 1906 ... let us blame some 255 type permission error or 1603 msi error.  Rather than providing the MFE Removal Tool, we know removing all SysCore utilizing point products and the McAfee Agent will generally fix the issue, which leads back to my original question, "Can one remove 8.8.0.(1445 to1599) using a Client Task with Product Deployment - Removal action?"  Would that work, is there a limit, can I remove 1247 or 1385?

In closing, from a QA perspective I would throw this test case in just because it is academic and interesting - but from a tech writer/documentation perspective it may be best to tell customers "Don't try this at home -- upgrade instead"? Actually why couldn't 1906 remove older products (within reason, can't upgrade from, probably can't remove it)... 

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