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Remove scriptscan for Firefox

Hello Guys,

How can we remove Mcafee scriptscan addon forFirefox? I tried McAfee Corporate KB - ScriptScan causes significant performance hit/load delay on websites KB70013 but it hasn't solved the issue.

There is no remove button. Firefox is blocking this addon but I am suspecting it to avoid multiprocess starting.


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Re: Remove scriptscan for Firefox

Moved to virusscan forum for a better chance of an answer

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Re: Remove scriptscan for Firefox

If you uninstall VSE, you can reinstall it with the following command to prevent the installation of the scriptscan component -- found in the Install Guide (PD22944.)

> SetupVSE.exe ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=ScriptScan /q

However, scriptscan is not compatible with the newer versions of Firefox, so Firefox won't load it.

"Mozilla Firefox blocks the McAfee ScriptScan add-in, which is not something the product development team can resolve. Support for the Firefox browser and ScriptScan functionality is no longer supported."

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