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Reboot after the antivirus updates


I have the following question regarding the antivirus updates.

1. I presume that updating the antivirus software does not require the machine to reboot.

Is there some scenaio where the restart will be necessary?

How to avoid this from happening.

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Re: Reboot after the antivirus updates

Generally, a reboot is not needed after virus definitions are updated. If you have to run something like the SuperDAT to fix issues with some of the components, a reboot may be required.

Re: Reboot after the antivirus updates

We cannot afford the EPO license and are behind a firewall.  The most reliable was we've found to update McAfee is to d/l the current SuperDAT centrally and then run it on each machine.  This tends to require a reboot on many machines - is there a way to update without requiring a reboot?

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Re: Reboot after the antivirus updates

Except for Consumer products - a SuperDAT based DAT update should not require a reboot.

If the newer dat version fails to get refreshed - you could disable/enable On-Access protection to refresh the dat version.