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Product rejected the update

When i try to install the Latest Super DAT the error message appears as "product rejected the update request". Anyone help me to solve this issue.
The specifications are mentioned below:

EPO:3.6.1 Patch 3
VSE:8.5i patch 8
Agent:4.0 patch 1

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RE: Product rejected the update

Did you use the "Rollback Dats" feature in VSE before running the superdat?

The "Rollback dats" option will prevent the computer from updating again to the rolled back dat file version.


Hi shanmugam,

Try SDat5xxx /F (you put in the correct digits for xxx).
/F Force update of existing version.

Let us know if this helps.
Ron Metzger

RE: /F

Thanks Ron, I've been having a problem similar to the ops with my version and your simple solution worked. Thanks again.

James Stanton