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Problem with VSE 8.7 + Office2007 + Sundesk/Kerio

Hi all. We've been making VSE 8.7 available to people at my institution for a few weeks and have not run into any significant problems. Well, until now.

I got mail from a system administrator who ran into problems opening Office 2007 after VSE 8.7 install on 2 machines that run Kerio Personal Firewall (Kerio is now owned by Sunbelt). I took a look on the Sunbelt site and found nothing about a bad interaction, took a look on the McAfee knowledgebase and found nothing about Kerio/Sunbelt issues there, so am hoping someone out on these forums might know something about it. Anyone else using this firewall or have you read anything about this particular issue?

The exact problem is that after installing Kerio on a VSE / Office 2007 system, Office 2007 no longer launches and the system becomes unstable. The two things that DO work to fix this are (1) reverting to VirusScan 8.5 or (2) removing the Kerio firewall ... but I am hoping there is a less-drastic solution. Anyone have experience with this combination and making it work?

I have included the full mail below in case anyone would like all the details, but the above is the problem in a nutshell. Thanks!

-- Clare



(1) The problem surfaced after upgrading McAfee 8.5i to 8.7i on my XP system. I did not hesitate since I had had zero problems with 8.5i.

After the 8.7i install, the XP system would sometimes require several tries to boot successfully, and when I next tried IE and Office 2007 apps, I discovered that neither IE nor Word 2007 not Excel 2007 nor PowerPoint 2007, etc., would even start, and thereafter the system became unstable. If I did not try these apps, then everything else seemed to work just fine.

(2) I took delivery of a new Vista Thinkpad T500 last Tuesday and as part of the setup gave 8.7i a try. All seemed well until yesterday when I decided to do a leak test on the Vista firewall. This used IE, which launched OK. The leak test showed open ports, and so I decided to install Kerio Personal Firewall,,

on the Vista machine, since I have used it for years on my XP machines and it completely cloaks things. After the install, I tried to launch IE to redo the leak test, and that I when it discovered it would not launch, and also none of the Office 2007 apps. Uninstalling 8.7i and reinstalling 8.5i has everything working again on the Vista machine, just as it has on the XP machine.

So, it looks like some interaction between McAfee 8.7i, IE & Office 2007 apps, and Kerio.

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RE: Problem with VSE 8.7 + Office2007 + Sundesk/Kerio

Please make sure to log this with corporate support so they can work out the issues.

RE: Problem with VSE 8.7 + Office2007 + Sundesk/Kerio

Why would you want the Kerio firewall in a business environment if you have the Windows firewall that's completely configurable via GPO?

reg, Henno.