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On demand scan feasabilities

Is it possible to run this scenario?

I would like to do the following

1.  Schedule an On Demand Scan to do a full system scan to run on@@ a certain day, Lets say Monday 15 minutes after a user starts the computer

2.  Prompt the user with the deferal option that the scan is about to take affect.

3.  if the person elects to scan the computer now or the timeout occurs the Scan progress windows will appear and show as shown


I know part 1 and 2 are easily done, but I have not found a way to make the progress show on an epo on demand scan.  This way the user know whats happening, and how long its been running rather than wondering why the drive is thrashing and their system is slow. and also to know if its still running if the selected yes and if anything was found?

It's an Urgent requirement ... Please help me anyone.