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On-access scan messages keep popping up

I am using Mcafee viruscan enterprise 8.5i. Recently i scanned a system which was infected. After scanning it deleted some infected files. But i seem to get these periodic on-access scan messages saying a trojan is deleted. It doesn't stop even after scanning the system twice, thrice or more.

This is a screen shot of the message i get. Could someone help me to solve this issue of cleaning the trojan without formatting my computer?  Thanksvirus msg.bmp

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Re: On-access scan messages keep popping up

Hi there,

Sorry for the deferred response; this thread has been started in a wrong section and thus went unidentified.  I have moved your post to the right section and you will be assisted by our experts soon.


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Re: On-access scan messages keep popping up


my assumption is that you could have a dropper in memory that keeps re-copying a file that Virusscan OAs detects as trojan downloader.

I recommend you set up a User-configured Access Protection rule with Notify only for the folders that you see VirusScan is detecting the trojan in.

After some time and some new detection popups, you would review the AccessProtectionLog.txt in %DEFLOGDIR% folder to see what exactly are copying the file there.

From then on you woud take an action on that file (for example deleting it by hand or making sure it does not load in memory again, etc.)


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On-access scan messages keep popping up

Dear  raffi,

That System Disconnect from network and run ON DEMAND SCAN. I hope it's clean and won't popup.

Pls Upgrade latest version make sure latest patches and updates,

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