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On-Access Scanner not running

We are having issues with our deployment of VSE 8.8. Several machines, including my test machine, have the On-Access Scanner displayed as "not running". All other VSE items are functioning properly. I've looked in the event logs for the system and the McAfee logs, and there is no hint that On-Access scanner has failed. Rebooting yields the same result. Reinstalling VSE 8.8 manually doesn't help.

Any ideas?

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Re: On-Access Scanner not running


even in application log you did not see any errors (McLogEvent) ?

Is On Access Scanner enabled at system startup? (stupid q to ask but I have to)


Re: On-Access Scanner not running

Seems like VSE 8.8 didn't like the 8.7 Access Protection policy that was assigned to it. When I created a new policy and assigned it to the container, after a reboot and a Collect/Send, it enabled.

Consider this closed.