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Need Help Locating Infected File.

Hello Everyone,

I need help identifying the infected/detection since I am not able to located it. I have tried checking the onDemandScanlog/EPO Console, but could not find the name of the infected file. I have also tried checking for the quarantine folder to see if it was there, but our server does not appear to have it. In addition, I have enable "view hidden files" on the server.

Event ID:259
Event Time:10/14/2014 2:54:14 AM


The scan found detections. Scan engine version 5700.7163 DAT version 7590.

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Re: Need Help Locating Infected File.

Your looking in the right place, it should be in the OnDemandScanLog.txt but I would also check the OnAccessScanLog.txt & AccessProtectionLog.txt to be on the safe side. Otherwise just thought I would give you the below info to further research.

You can also go here to reference MS event ID's to correlate to VSE:

Looks like yours is below:

Re: Need Help Locating Infected File.

Hello Fitch,

I checked the other logs as well but could not find anything. As a matter of fact the other logs were not event updated as you can see from the screen shot.

Re: Need Help Locating Infected File.

Is there any way that I can see user OnDemandScanLog.txt file through ePO or any other method because I always seen Event Description as " Scan found infected files." in ePO threat events but there is no information about which files are infected.

Re: Need Help Locating Infected File.

You can see it from machine threat events (By default it will shows last 1 day), Also you can check ePO event filter tab where required event may be de-select.