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Microsoft Access .MDB Databases Running Very Slow

We are currently running McAfee VirusScan Enterprise with ePO across a small network of about 20 users. About 10 of those users use an .MDB Access Database as part of a Sales Order Processing System.

We seem to be having performance issues when using the Sales Order Processing System or other Programs which run off .MDE files we have traced the problem back to McAfee.

We have noticed the problem partly when using the front end of the database when forms take along time to calculate but also when editing forms and report layouts which I believe is linked back to the on-access scanner.

We could turn off on-access scanning for the .MDB file extension but we believe this could affect the security of the system.

Is there something we have missed when setting this system up or is this a common problem for all networks running Microsoft Access Databases?

Any help is much appreciated.

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Re: Microsoft Access .MDB Databases Running Very Slow


As a general rule excluding files by extension should be avoided. If you have fixed MDB file names you could exclude those specific files.

See also KnowledgeBase article KB66909

To search the KnowledgeBase: and select Search the KnowledgeBase (KB)


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