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Memory Usage/Slowness

Hello my system is Windwos XP Pro sp 2 with automatic updates from windows.
A centrino hp business laptop with 512 MB RAM.
My institution uses McAfee Enterprise for virus scan.
McAfee Agent ( recently updated to Virus Scan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.7.0i .

Since its installation I see some problems with my system concerning mem usage (reaching 50-70k) in the task manager (process manager).

1. explorer.exe
2. svchost.exe (6 of them)
3. winlogon.exe
4. spoolsv.exe

Furthermore, when my system is started everything is fine until I use my password to log-in to Windows. Then it takes a long while for my desktop and task bar items to load. I rather have very clean and tidy desktop and my task bar only shows network connections, volume setting and mcafee virus scan console.
This issue is not new it existed long before but I could not find any solution to prevent it.
I am regularly checking for viruses, adaware and also registry cleaning.

Any comments on these issues and please doNOT suggest memory upgrade for my system as this is obviously the case for a laptop of 3.5 years of age.
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RE: Memory Usage/Slowness

Yep, many others are seeing the same thing with VS 8.7i.. There will be a patch #1 coming soon and "maybe" that will help, but I try not to make assumptions about things such as that..

And sorry about the memory upgrade recommendation but that's the solution if you want to continue to use VS 8.7i...

On a Windows XP computer, I'll suggest purchasing an extra 512 MB of RAM making it an even 1 GB but I understand why you wouldn't want to spend the money on such an old laptop...

Still, 512 MB is a bare minimum if you're using the computer for anything more than simple word processing and internet surfing.. We've got a couple of newer laptops here, running XP SP3 with VS 8.7i and they seem to work well with 1 GB or RAM..

Your choice...

Hope this helps.


RE: Memory Usage/Slowness

Its been "Coming Soon" for a while now.
Another antivirus provider will be "Coming Soon" to our Facility too if they don't fix it.

RE: Memory Usage/Slowness

thank you for the reply.
i am not sure why but now my system is a bit more stable.
i hope it stays like this for a while as i am quite busy with my research and do not have the budget to buy a new laptop.

RE: Memory Usage/Slowness

With you there... seriously thinking of purchasing another company's solution.

RE: Memory Usage/Slowness

Whilst I empathise with the sentiments, for most of us this would be a high additional cost....


RE: Memory Usage/Slowness

Let's consider that...

If it takes the desktop support 20% of it's time to deals with the support calls related to this.

...and the staff is, say, 3 people.

Then 60% of one FTE for a helpdesk position (here) is about $45,000 (US).

For $45,000.00 in wasted time I can EASILY purchase another solution for my entire corporation. One site license... no problem.

We have 40,000 users.

RE: Memory Usage/Slowness

Well if you're going to get all "Bistro Mathematics" on it the I'd suggest that the money might be MUCH better spent on employing someone who can plan and test product upgrades in a professional manner prior to deploying said upgrades enterprise wide without knowledge of the product performance on the baseline hardware configurations in use.


EDIT: ...and I forgot to mention that you've conveniently forgotten the other costs associated with changing your AV product suite....

RE: Memory Usage/Slowness

In a perferfect world throwing another body at the problem is a great idea. ...but it's not always practicle.

Also, you expect the occational issue, but when a vendor tells you that the product works, and you don't discover the problems until large scale deployment (after small scale testing)... and then their technical support is non-existant, of course you're going to consider other options.

I can pull out my PMP books and start to detail the costs. The reality is we actually have hard numbers that surpass "Bistro Mathematics" and move into real quantitative analysis.

The costs associated with the move to another AV product are not relavent... Since it now appears that we're going to have perform testing on the order of product replacement everytime we update McAfee...

We're paying them to produce a product that works 95% of the time without issue, or is fixed immediately when a problem is discovered.

This is not an unreasonable expectation.

RE: Memory Usage/Slowness

Hey - like I said originally - I empathise with the problem - I've been hit on occasion by this sort of thing as well - but teh reality of it is that it's not just McAfee that's guilty of this - you use Microsoft as well I guess ? - fast fixes ? sometimes - sometimes not.

And while you may have "quantitative analysis" you certainly didn't quote it - and I'd bet that it won't show anything like 1$ a client to migrate your AV Management solution to another product.

I'f you're going to jump on the "bleeding edge" with the latest release of a product then occasionally you're going to "get cut" so you should at least expect it on occasion.