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Mcshiled get High CPU utilization

Mcshiled get High CPU utilization while runing on demand scan in VSE 8.8 pc gets hang no other application open. even after install of virus scan patch 1 the problem remain same. The systems having 2GB Ram and well hardware configuration. We already use best practise for Virus scan 8.8.

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Re: Mcshiled get High CPU utilization

Best to capture a Process Monitor or perfmon (processes all instances ounters, processor, memory all instances, all counters) log to get it investigated.

Also have a look at KB55145 if you are not aware yet.

The scanner will give up ressources as they are demanded by other applications. Note that the scanner is relying on the OS for resource allocation.

Re: Mcshiled get High CPU utilization

I also had same problem on different Computers in our firm. Problem was that 1 or 2 ZIP/Exe (Archive-Files) werde damaged, and during On-Demand Scan mcshield Process eats up Memory and mostly also CPU, becasue he could not read correct the damaged Archive-File. More than 2GB memory this mcshield process had an did go up to 4GB memory and then system slow now working was able.

So problem solution was the following to find out which Archive-File file was damanged. I started an On-Demand Scan on this Computer from the EPO Server. Then I go to the Client the On-Demand Scan startet now, open VirusScan Enterprise Console with local Administrator Permissions. Right Click on you On-Demand Scan task, Show Progress. If a On-Demand Scan is running you can see the progress. The on this ZIP file, the scan was hanging, this was the damaged ZIP File. Deleted, Start Scan again, OK no hangers. Just with show progress I found out. 

Temporarly I also taked out screen saver and auto lock on this Client PC during On-Demand Scan, because after hang it hangs, I was not able to login or click something and PC was locked and I could not see so the show progress.

On Demand-Scan Rightclick.jpg

On Demand-Scan show progress.jpg

Re: Mcshiled get High CPU utilization

Thanks for post.

The problem persiste in on access scaner we do not configure the on demand scan.

Re: Mcshiled get High CPU utilization

O yes Ok. Please check

There you find the standard Microsoft Exclusions you should have in an Anti-Virus. Maybe this helps if you do this eclusions in the On-Access Scanner. More I really don't know at the moment.

I wish you

Greetings Sven

Re: Mcshiled get High CPU utilization

Thanks for post,

I check you provided link but this things are diffrent thanks for sharing good stuff.

Re: Mcshiled get High CPU utilization

If you are not using ODS (you clearly state using on demand scan in your initial post), can you rewrite your question/open a new thread or something for McShield using CPU during "normal" operation, clearly lining out the problem you are experiencing? This is confusing people as you can see from the replies, it becomes difficult to provide guidance/help when you talk apples and forum readers talk pears :-).

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Re: Mcshiled get High CPU utilization

I use XP Pro and solved the problem of mschield excessive cpu usage is by changing the system properties, Performance Options as follows:

Adjust for best performance of

Processor scheduling : programs

Memory usage: System Cache

Reduction in mcschield cpu usage was dramatic.