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Mcafee/McShield locking up SHARES? (please help)

we've been having some serious issues with mcafee / mcshield 8.5 locking up Servers in our district.

what it does is it'll grab onto a SHARED folder that is being accessed by software that lives on the server and it'll not let go. this causes the client side of any of our software to not work UNTIL Mcshield is disabled. what i've been doing is adding exclusions to these folders in ePO and that seems to help.

however - this is not a viable solution as there is no reason why McAfee should be doing this to the folders/shares since they pose no threat and always scan clean. these exclusions have also grown to the point where it's not a suitable solution with the ever number of increasing software we have on our servers.

does anyone know if there's a setting that i'm missing somewhere? or how i can keep this from happening again?

thank you.
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RE: Mcafee/McShield locking up SHARES? (please help)

What patch level is your 8.5? Unpatched, there is one nasty bug where it leaves files and stuff locked open.
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RE: Mcafee/McShield locking up SHARES? (please help)


There's a setting in VSE (OAD) where you tell it not to scan network drives/files.

There's another setting in VSE (APP, I believe) where you can tell it to make shares/network disks read-only. You might want to check whether this one's been activated...

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RE: Mcafee/McShield locking up SHARES? (please help)


8.5i with no patches installed. i just got the newest one with patch 7. i'll install that one and monitor the servers to see if they start locking up again.


that had been one of the things the choices i implemented - however this issue didn't only occur with applications. it started locking up files in our USERS folders that live on the network shares. it did all but 3 users folders out of about 2000 one day. a thorough scan indicated that no files posed a threat in anyway - the students had all been working on a certain type of project though so the same kind of file was being accessed constantly.

thank you for the ideas fellas! hopefully the patched 8.5i will solve this. i wanted to update to 8.7 but was advised against it by the on-phone support.

RE: Mcafee/McShield locking up SHARES? (please help)

Patch 8 is the current patch for VSE 8.5i.

RE: Mcafee/McShield locking up SHARES? (please help)

after upgrading VSE 8.5 from Patch 5 to Patch 8, we also experienced this problem on Vista stations, WinXP stations are not effected so far.

I would like to downgrade these stations to Patch 7 or earlier, but can not find a download area for older patches.. But I have to upgrade to at least Patch 7 to deploy McAfee Agent 4.x (at least it's documented that at least Patch 7 has to be deployed).

The same problem exists with VSE 8.7 on Vista (waiting for Patch 1 urgently).

Our servers are Novell OES 2 servers, but at least in combination with MS Office the same problems are reported with windows servers. Therefor it's not just a cosmetic issue, and disabling OAS on network shares is not really a serious advice! :mad: