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McAfee email Scan Add-in slow startup Outlook 2013

Hi guys.

Have some strange thing regarding McAfee email scan add-in in Outlook 2013.

This add-in is causing slow startup on Outlook 2013 client. We have the latest McAfee Agent and VirusScan.

now the thing is, that this only appears when clients connect to VPN to corporate LAN.

Soo in LAN Works ok, but when users connect to VPN and open Outlook, this addin causes slow startup (about 30-45 seconds waiting).

Now, is it possible that we would need to open some extra port on VPN to McAfee EPO server?

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Re: McAfee email Scan Add-in slow startup Outlook 2013

Using e-mail scan over VPN is expected to be slow.

To scan mail the feature has to download a copy of any received mails locally, and their attachments, and scan them. When all that occurs the User Interface (outlook.exe) will be unresponsive to ensure the User does not get access to mail while it's still being scanned or not yet scanned.

It's very annoying for remote users who receive fair amounts of mail, or who have slow connections to the exchange, or who often receive mail with large attachments (or any attachments).

Best practice is to ensure the Exchange is protected, and disable Email Scan. You'd want to use the feature when redundancy is required or the mail server has no protection.

William W. Warren | S.I.R.R. | Customer Success Group | McAfee