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McAfee ePO: Allow certain clients to control Virusscan UI

I have setup mcafee ePO server in my office and I have synched all the systems in my office and they are now in managed state. I want to have certain managed system to have complete control over Virusscan Enterprise UI. The Start/Sop buttons are greyed out on the Virusscan Console. I have tried modifying Access protection Policy, but that did not produce the desired behaviour and Start Stop operations are still greyed out.






Please suggest me the possible way to do this.

Thank you!

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Reliable Contributor bodysoda
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Re: McAfee ePO: Allow certain clients to control Virusscan UI

What feature in VSE is this afftcted? You need to slect OAS or AP feature for the play and stop button enablement. Check if all the McAfee severed are running on the affected system.
McAfee Employee jess_arman
McAfee Employee
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Re: McAfee ePO: Allow certain clients to control Virusscan UI

@vijayrana As mentioned above, you have to first make sure a feature is selected/highlighted in the console for those buttons to become active. If you are looking to confirm authorization of the end user to make changes in the console you need to ensure the following:

If you are using a Password (configured in the VSE General Options policy), make sure that the console has been unlocked first, as the buttons will be greyed out if it is locked.


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