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McAfee Shield icon not showing Win10 1703

I crated a new image for a laptop with Windows 10 1703. Upon install McAfee 88 patch 9 with agent 5.0.6 I see the iocm. But after a restart and the user actually logs in, they are gone. after searching the web I have found the Windows Defender Security Center is running and it hides all icons form 3rd parties. I have since disabled it and recreated the image. Now after a McAfee install the icons are still not showing up. I then found that in the startup settings the icon is turned off, okay enabled it back and restarted and still not showing.

I am talking about the V shield and not the M Shield. and yes per ePo policy it should show.

I have tried to uninstall it and reinstall, it does finally show the icon but I can't have everybody uninstall and re-install right when they login. So does anybody have a clue on this and how did they fix it?

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