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McAfee Patch 10 will not load

McAfee Patch 10 will not load at all, what is causing this?

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McAfee Employee sbenedix
McAfee Employee
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Re: McAfee Patch 10 will not load

Thats a very wide field, one would start to investigate the install logs ad priori, if "load" refers to install. The respective logs are usually located in %temp%/McAfeeLogs, labelling of the logs should be indicative of patch install etc. . I'd also recommend to review the supported environments KB in, KB51111 to see if the OS is within what the installer/product would support, as a starting point.

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Re: McAfee Patch 10 will not load

As sbenedix said, the OP is so vague its hard to offer any help.

- are you trying to add it to repository and it won't install?
- have you got the files in your repository and you cannot push it out?
- what versions are you using both for your McAfee products (agent / vse client) and the operating systems?

may help us make a start.
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