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McAfee On Demand Scan VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 Help

I'm having an issue with the McAfee On Demand Scan VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.

Issue #1:

I have a weekly scan scheduled to run Fridays at Noon. It does run and the log shows it "SCAN COMPLETE".

But for some odd reason it'll start running again sometimes on a Monday again, sometimes twice on Mondays.

And on those Mondays, sometimes it'll run for like 5 minutes then say SCAN TERMINATED but doesn't say why, and other times it will just complete the scan again.

I do not have any other scans setup or scheduled so I'm not sure why if it completed on Sunday it would need to do it again on Monday? Any suggestions?

Per the logs, nothing extra is written in there like it was held up or something halted it.

Issue #2:

My weekly scans typically run successfully with an on average time of 1 hour, The issue I'm having is a few systems lately are having the same issue where as per the logs the "Scan Settings" takes like maybe 30 minutes then there is a 19 hr break before "Scan Summary" shows the rest of the log then says Complete. Thus saying this total scan time was 20+ hours.

What would cause that time delay? The system is not scanning zips or any other packaged file or encrypted file that would hold it up.

Thank you in advance