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Mc Afee Win 7-64bit

hello all,

I have a problem with installation McAfee ver 8.7.0i on win 7-64bit...Recently I had installed it on many computers with OS Win XP 32bit without problems...

Firewall is turning off, i'm logon as administrator, many time I try to restart McAfee framework service, but unlucky... I installed MFEagent 4.0, We have McAfee epolicy Orchestrator 4.0...I see workstation on there, but installation process of McAfee doesn't work...

Any suggestion?

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Re: Mc Afee Win 7-64bit

Do you meet some requirement for windows 7? Read this for more information in Windows 7

Re: Mc Afee Win 7-64bit

The link: The McAfee KnowledgeBase is currently unavailable due to site maintenance...

Re: Mc Afee Win 7-64bit

Ok i downloaded ePolicy Orchestrator v4.0.0 - Ver 4.0.0 Patch 6 and McAfee Agent 4.0.0 - Ver 4.0.0 Patch 3 maybe this should be work...

Question:  I need first patch 2 or it doesn't matter?

Re: Mc Afee Win 7-64bit

Yes you need patch2 first to upgrade to ePO v4 patch 6 and you need check in package patch3 for MA into reposiroty and deploy to clients.

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Re: Mc Afee Win 7-64bit

I'm grateful to your advice, many thanks Smalldog