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Managed McAfee update task runs too early

Running ePO 5.1, VSE 8.8.  I recently changed the time on the managed McAfee Update Task from daily at 12:00PM to daily at 6:30PM. 

I happened to notice in the agent logs that several workstations are running this scheduled task too early, like 5:00PM or 5:30PM.

Everything looks right in the workstations' VS console.  Time is set correctly in the client task assignment.  Client task is set to run on workstation's time, which I verified is correct.

Seems strange as other client tasks happen exactly when they are supposed to.

Any idea what might cause the update task to run before it is scheduled to?

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Re: Managed McAfee update task runs too early


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Re: Managed McAfee update task runs too early

Is it possible the workstations were turned off for some time and they were running a missed task?  Other than that I don't think I have come across a situation where a scheduled task was early.

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