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Java API / web proxy ?


I would like to perform a virus scan of a file in Java but I did not find a Java api in a McAfee product. Did I overlook something? Or would I have to use some McAfee web proxy?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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Re: Java API / web proxy ?

Hi Sandro,

There is a product called Metascan that provides an API in Java and COM that supports scan and related features of several McAfee products.

The list of applications supported by the API is at

Free evaluation of the Metascan can be obtained by filling the form at



Re: Java API / web proxy ?

I have used Metascan with success as well.  By the way, it comes in 3 versions: Core (which integrates with existing, licensed AV), Lite (has 3 licensed engines and also integrates with existing engines) and Ultra (which has 8 licensed engines and also integrates the pre-installed engines).  Metascan also has remote client capabilities which helps scaleability.  OSPWAT (makers of Metascan) also offer other multiscanning solutions like MetaDefender for Media and MetaDefender for Secure Access.

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