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'Internet blackout' set for 9 July'

Hello Everyone.

'Internet blackout' set for 9 July: FBI to 'pull plug' on 350,000 virus-infected machines - cutting off Web for users in U.S. and UK

I just want to know weather McAfee users will safe OR will also face this???...............

If we are not safe, so please lets us know what are the precautions should to be taken.


Thanks in Advance.

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Re: 'Internet blackout' set for 9 July'

Before people panic thinking everyone's going to be cut off.....It's only a blackout for those machines that have been infected with the Trojan DNSChanger and whose owners have done nothing about it.

Until 9 July the FBI has been allowing traffic to/from those machines using special servers.

You can check it here:

As far as what one can do about preventing it I'll leave that to someone else from the VSE department.

It's nice to see at least one Government acting with a firm hand for a change.

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