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Insecure way of installing VSE8.8 p7 ????!!!

I approached problem with instalation of VSE8.8p7.

Workstation gets install of VSE from ePO (epo 5.3, agent 5.02.333) install looks like properly ended (i got VSE8.8 raported in ePO)

then i check back after 1 or 2 h and VSE is not installed on that workstation!!!

i checked install logs and get error with description :

Action Install_SysCore_AddAACStickyPolicy, location: C:\windows\Installer\MSIE635.tmp, command: AddAACStickyPolicy

i googled that and get  workaround:

McAfee KnowledgeBase -

and article from MS :

where is stated:

Information for installations that are dependent on the less-secure behavior

To temporarily undo the security fix in KB 3072630, follow these steps:

Click Start, click Run, type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK.

Locate and then click the following subkey in the registry:


Note If this subkey does not exist, create it.

On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.

For the DWORD name, type RemappedElevatedProxiesPolicy, and then press Enter.

Right-click RemappedElevatedProxiesPolicy, and then click Modify.

In the Value data box, type 1, and then click OK.

Install the required application.

After the application installs successfully, reset the RemappedElevatedProxiesPolicy DWORD value to 0 to re-enable the security fix for KB 3072630.


DO McAfee VirusScan behave in nonsecure maner during instalation?

should we have some explanation here?