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IE9 freezes for 10 to 40 seconds on Salesforce with VSE 8.8


we have a VSE 8.8 and we have noticed that from time to time IE9 would just freeze upto 30 seconds sometimes while in Salesforce. We have also observed that while this happens, CPU is going through the roof. We are using a ServiceCloud: a mixed content mode of salesforce page (https) and OpenCTI softphone (http) server from local intranet. Softphone is running as a JavaScript on salesforce page.

We have cssproxy enabled.

I was able to find something similar here: but I am told that "we do need to set whitelist urls and we dont have those configured. also the security gpo for the cross domain loading. "

1. What do they mean we do not need to set whitelists and gro?

2. Our programmers tell us that they are not getting Page Load Complete event when IE9 seems to freeze up.

Are there known issues between cssproxy / IE9 on windows 7? Do we really not need to set up whitelists to run salesforce in mixed content mode?


Peter on Fire