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IDS_About_Warning_1 (VSE 8.8 Patch 1)

Hey all,

We had deployed VSE 8.8 and introduced patch 1 just before Christmas.

Since coming back we have had a few people have issues where VSE has the on-access scanner and Access protection disabled. (this in turn is effecting VB scripts and the IE application.)

From what I've found there has been an issue with the patch 1 update for VSE 8.8 on these laptops.  Recommendation was to uninstall and re-install VSE 8.8.

On the two machines I've been unable to do this... following steps were tried.

1: send unisntall task from EPO server...taks starts but fails.

2: Remove McAfee VSE from add remove..this fails to.

3: Run the reg uninstall string for mcafee VSE 8.8, this starts the uninstall but fails and revereses changes. (same command allows repair of application but this also fails.)

4: Tried to install local package over the top but fails...says its already installed and to first uninstall.

Anyone know how I can get around this without wiping the machines and re-installing wiindows?

Additional - Is the patch update ok to push out over a VPN connection...we don't do this for HIPS as it break the network connection for a second but I though VSE was ok....could it be that the PC may have just be turned off during the patch inistallation???

Cheers for any help

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Re: IDS_About_Warning_1 (VSE 8.8 Patch 1)

We have had reports of the same issue. Basically the On Access Scanner being disabled with VSE 8.8. Just the base install though, not VSE 8.8 P1.