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Hunningbird Exceed with McAfee

I have an odd trouble I’m trying to figure out. We are running McAfee 8.7i on Windows XP and we have Hummingbird Exceed installed (version 10). We can start Exceed and connect or sign into different UNIX/Linux hosts and use different UNIX/Linux tools just fine through the Exceed session. Issue is when we attempt to start Quartus (from Altera) through our Exceed session – Quartus will just hang and the entire Exceed session seems to hang or lockup. It’ll hang until we disable “on-access scanning” in McAfee. We have added “exceed.exe” as a “low-risk” tool/application in McAfee.

I have contacted Altera/Quartus but they are at a loss as to why this happens.  Checking events logs show something like this…

Hanging application exceed.exe, version hang module hungapp,

version, hang address 0x00000000.

What confuses me is Exceed is just a terminal connection into UNIX/Linux hosts and works only until we start this particular tool (Quartus). But at this point Exceed is only displaying content back to the PC – the PC should only see or care about “exceed.exe”.

Any ideas on how to resolve?

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Re: Hunningbird Exceed with McAfee

Moved from Consumer/Home/VirusScan to Business/VirusScan Enterprise for better attention.