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How to untick/tick "prevent mcafee services from being stopped" using powershell/cmd

Hi Team,

I need to untick "prevent mcafee services from being stopped" and then perform some operation (stop and start the McAfee related services) and after that I need to tick "prevent mcafee services from being stopped".

I have developed the powershell script for the main operation/process required. But I am unable to find any way to tick/untick "prevent mcafee services from being stopped" using command line.


Please let me know if there is any way to do so using command line cmd/powershell using registry or without registry. ANy way to do so without registry would be preferred.


Thanks & Regards,


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Re: How to untick/tick "prevent mcafee services from being stopped" using powershell/cmd

Hi ankgupta4,

To be honest with you I'm not sure a granular operation such as this is possible with Python.
(I could be wrong, happy to be corrected ...?)

I'd suggest a 'swop' of policy, in this way you stay in control of the device state and action as needed when needed!
One TAG would apply to a policy with the option active the other TAG with the option disabled. Simply move a device or the policy (as you see fit) to a device or group fo devices to change the state of the option.
(examples in the Python script guide) 

ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1.0 Web API Scripting Reference Guide
Product Documentation ID: PD24810

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